Holoaid - a mixed reality first aid training program
A brief video representing the UI in the holoaid system.
Holoaid combines the use of a physical medical dummy and mixed reality to engage and teach young people about first aid. Users will be able to see their surrounding whilst being guided through a range of on screen prompts and audio, taking them through every step of the first aid process. 
Our mock-up video focuses on the use of CPR and puts users in a scenario where they have just dialled 999 for a person who is suffering a cardiac arrest. We wanted to make these scenarios familiar to the user so should they ever need to dial 999, the situation won't feel quite as daunting and they'll feel in control. With so much pressure on the NHS and ambulance service, it's important to us that members of the public can step in and and help during emergency situations. 

This was a collaborative project between Lauren Morgan, Norbert Zietek and Megan Wellington

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